The officina on the Ground Floor of Gadames57 is an event venue of more than 300 square meters with direct access from the parterre, capable of accommodating up to 350 people. It is equipped with a bar area and includes an outdoor area of 200 square meters for hospitality.

Over 300 square meters of space (4.5 meters height) with direct access from the parterre accommodate up to 350 people.

The location is bright and has a rectangular plan.

corner of 40 square meters hosts a bar area, also suitable to be used as management office and representation.

There is also an outdoor area of 200 square meters for the hospitality or service.

The area is served by a spacious elevator and provides service locals, a catering area, cold storage rooms, storage rooms, lockers and a dressing room.

The environment is manageable both as autonomous and independent, both are connected to the other locations.